VirtualBox 6.0 exports VMs to the cloud—but only Oracle Cloud

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Version 6.0 of VirtualBox, Oracle’s open-source virtualization software for Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Solaris hosts, introduces an overhauled interface and the ability to directly export VMs to the cloud—as long as it’s Oracle Cloud.

VirtualBox users with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure accounts can enable the VM export feature by adding a profile for their cloud account into VirtualBox. It’s theoretically possible for VirtualBox to extend this feature to include additional cloud environments, but for now, Oracle is choosing to limit the support to its own cloud. This despite Oracle Cloud falling far short of AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or IBM Cloud in customer adoption and use.

The biggest outward change for VirtualBox 6 is an overhauled UI. Navigating the application is slightly less confusing than before, and less digging is required to find any given feature or setting, with most everything important now found in the File menu. Instead of Machine Tools and Global Tools drop-down menus, a single Tools panel shows the most common functions (create, add, import, or export VMs) and provides a submenu for more involved functions (managing VM media, network adaptors, or cloud connectors).

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