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Data resilience and disaster recovery are an essential part of any IT system. Provision can design and implement multiple affordable solutions for backup and disaster recovery, based upon your IT infrastructure and business critical applications.

Does your business have a disaster recovery plan?

Over the last few years, the pressure on IT teams has grown exponentially. Between the rollout of 5Gincrease in cyberattacks, and the rise of remote work, security has never been more critical. We minimize your security risk by implementing end-to-end solutions aimed at four strategic areas of risk:


Peace of mind for your business

Power cuts. Equipment theft. Building fire. Hacking attacks. Employee error. Whatever the disaster scenario, you need to be secure in the knowledge that your business will be up and running as soon as possible. You also want minimal loss of data and function. Provision can help you to identify the critical applications that your company just cannot afford to be without. Consequently, we can select a backup solution that protects your business from disaster.

Our IT consultants can design and implement a disaster recovery plan for your business. We achieve this by firstly working with you to understand how your business operates and what your priorities are. This enable us to devise a clear disaster recovery plan to protect your data and systems from major server outages.

Online backup vs onsite backup

A common dilemma for IT managers is whether to keep server backups in hard format or in the Cloud. The problem with hard formats (for example, a tape or disk) is that they could fall foul of the same disaster that has affected your server. Unless you keep tapes securely offsite, many common disaster scenarios will still leave you without your precious data.

The cost of online backup has dropped rapidly over time. Therefore, it has become a viable option for smaller companies that host large amounts of data to deploy online backup. It is also a big advantage to your disaster recovery policy to have your backups in a secure off-site location in case of damage to your onsite premises. Provision strongly recommend that our clients consider online backup solutions.


Why Choose Provision?

We have partnerships with several online backup providers, therefore we can get the most cost-effective storage solutions for our customers. We are able to tailor storage space, security features and timescales so that you receive the backup retention that your business requires.

While we recommend online backup to most clients, we recognise that it is not always the right solution. If it’s not right for you, we are also able to provide onsite backup solutions from vendors such as Veritas, Veeam, Dell, and Acronis. Additionally, we can provide traditional forms of backup hardware such as tape, hard disk, and network attached storage. In other words, whatever you need to meet your backup requirements.

Reduce Risk

Minimise the risk of loss of productivity, data integrity and confidentiality, and resulting profits, with a fully secure cloud-based back-up service.

Increased Effeciency

Realise significant internal cost savings and efficiencies by redeploying key resources away from internal backup and recovery to other core services.

Industry Experts

Over 25 years of experience providing data backup and recovery solutions, and a trusted provider to both public and private sector organisations.

Client Success Stories

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The dedication and commitment to deliver top-notch solutions have truly impressed us. The team at Provision Technologies exhibits unparalleled professionalism and expertise. Their proactive approach to problem-solving and their prompt assistance whenever required have made our experience truly remarkable.

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