Building agile and scalable IT infrastructures

With manpower limitation and budgets tight, modern organizations need new ways to reduce costs and work more efficiently. Outsourcing of infrastructure services is one increasingly popular option. Our Remote Infrastructure Management is our core are of managed services. This service provides the monitoring IP-enabled device and process on your network. It helps resolve problems quickly, increases productivity and lowers the cost of computing.

Greater flexibility, control & certainty

Our IT Infrastructure Management service offers greater flexibility, control and certainty across your physical, virtual and cloud environments. Working alongside your IT function – we tailor defined sets of support services to meet your business and technology management needs. We understand that now more than ever, your business looks to you as a CIO or IT manager to enable the business to deliver on its strategy – without exposing it to external risk. As your IT management partner, we can help you focus resource on creating technology driven value for your business. You can be confident that your end-to-end infrastructure – servers, databases, storage, network, applications and end-point devices are being actively managed and supported by a trusted partner.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Infrastructure

Survival among enterprises is becoming more and more challenging as markets become more saturated. Add to that the big competitors that already have established their position as leaders in their respective industries. For small- and medium-sized businesses to catch up, brand management should be the top priority, and IT plays a major role in achieving this business goal. While big companies have the budget and manpower to invest in their own complete IT infrastructure, outsourcing IT infrastructure serves as the ideal choice for SMEs.

On boarding health check

As part of our on-board process, we conduct a root and branch infrastructure health check across all desktop and data center hardware. This provides baseline performance information, identifies areas of over or under utilization and can provide an immediate return for the business in terms of cost and risk management.

Smart monitoring

We offer infrastructure and application wide monitoring 24 / 7 / 365, with intelligent alert routing, resolution and reporting.

Support portal

24 / 7 online support portal with real-time chat service to create and monitor any support incidents.

Capability evolution

We monitor and track recurrent problems, looking to root cause analysis to identify better ways to manage your infrastructure. This enables us to detect and resolve potential problems and reduce management load.

Customer support process

Rapid diagnosis and fix of issues via automation and remote support is critical to efficient infrastructure management. Guided by our customer support process our help desk and on-site engineer teams deliver expert support under agreed response times.